A personal note from Business Consulting Leader, Conor Tapp:

All Together Now

We are up to Know Good.

Twenty-five years. Wow!

This year (2022) marks 25 years since I first took a paid job fundraising for a charity. I had already been volunteering here and there, and I had a chance – I thought – to use my work to change the world. That first gig was …. not what I thought it would be. But it set me on a path to find ways to do more, and to do better.

And so, for 25 years I have studied, worked, connected, and engaged as much as I could. I learned from major brands – because who knows more about helping people to spend money than a brand worth billions. I learned from researchers, because they have the proof to back up my wild assumptions. I learned from you and your teams. And I worked, often multiple jobs at once, for both the for-profit and non-profit sector, explaining away my broad portfolio as simply as I could. I was either earing a living, or living with passion. 

I am grateful to the impact creating organizations I serve and the stories we create together. I feel tremendous joy and privilege any time I get to share time, space and life with you. I’ve written and released a book, organized and ran a campaign with athletes who compete in the Olympics, opened a library, found a missing child (myself!), and so much more. Heck, I was interviewed by the United Nations because of a campaign I was leading! And then there are, of course, the very human stories that I have been a part of, and the memories that I will hold close for my eternity. My life story would be dark without the light you bring to it. 

I have also had incredible fun and growth as a photographer, spokesperson, marketer, and strategic development leader (among other roles) for businesses. I have built strategic plans that have catapulted organizations into new realms, enabled hundreds of millions in revenue, and got to photograph the Black Eyed Peas for a magazine. I did it all without having to hurt people.

I have won awards for my non-profit work and my corporate life, and my work has been featured around the world. I’ve generated over a Billion dollars in revenue to benefit my clients and their communities. To capitalize on my wins, I launched brands to promote myself and my work. Each new venture gave me a chance to test and sample new ways of working. But at the end of the day, all of my successes – no matter who my client was – are grounded in the same skills and values. Whether we raised a few million together for a capital project or research fund, or we raised a few million to strengthen your business – the effort all comes from the same place.

That’s why I’ve streamlined operations and merged everything all of my work into one brand – Know Good Consulting.

Thank you for being here with me today, and thank you to everyone who has participated in my journey to this point.

I remain your partner in strategy and engagements, ready to serve.

Be well,