"It works better than I ever imagined."

The Goal
Develop and release a predictive analytics app and a website to promote it.

An individual with a decades-long history as a well-known and respected expert in their field was leveraging their experience and knowledge to launch their own venture.

On paper, they had developed a complex scoring system that could – if made accessible for all businesses – reduce risk and cost for companies and workers.

Our goal was to translate their scoring system into a secure online platform and build a website to promote the tool.

The Approach
Close collaboration with the experts.

Translating a lifetime of knowledge and a binder full of complex calculations into code can be challenging. We took the approach of first defining common language so that everyone at the table was always understood, and then working closely to identify the intent of each query and outcome. 

At the same time, we worked with the owner to develop brand assets that would convey the right message for them and their brand.

The Journey
Complex solutions require focused efforts.

Understanding how the scoring system worked, we procured a secure third-party provider to host the tool, and another for the website. We focused on ensuring that the data provided to our client was always secure.

Once we had finalized the scoring system, we worked with the client to develop a user experience through the application interface and the order of queries. We also worked closely with our client to develop the information that would be presented in the final report, and the ways that information would be presented.

A deep testing phase cycled through all possible response variations to identify potential errors and unintended outcomes.

In developing the website, we created a clear and professional web presence that helped businesses understand the value proposition of our client. The website included membership and one-time transactional options, as well as event registrations and more.

The Outcome
A market-ready product that has changed how business is done.

The product launched on schedule, and our client was able to quickly receive commendations from professional associations for their important work on the application and their related training events.

They have since deployed the tool in a number of locations, including with a major global enterprise.