Success Story: Digital Information and Stewardship Screens

"It screams Thank You! while helping people."

The Goal
Amplify Stewardship Content, Reduce Stewardship Cost
Our client, a regional organization, was investigating static and structural donor walls when we began engaging about digital solutions. Our client’s goal was quite simple – improve their ability to visibly steward donors, and make the recognition something that could be cost-efficiently updated by staff.
There were few locations for donor recognition in public spaces and very limited room for growth.
The Approach
Simplify, Communicate

We worked with our client, their partner, and the landlord to obtain permission to mount a screen in a visible location in the building’s entryway. Once we knew how large our screen would be, we set out to design a tool that would capture the attention of guests to the property while clearly conveying messages. 

The Journey
Security, Standards, Templates

Know Good handled procurement for our client, which included the digital screen, a small Windows-based computer, and items to secure the screen and computer appropriately. Electrical and mounts were handled by the landlord.

We designed a template for our client that was easy to update with new donor information by any team member, and also provided templates for sharing campaign, program, and engagement information.

Our first iteration was very well received by the audience and our client, but we found that guests would glance and notice but not remain engaged in the content. We saw an opportunity to enhance the tool further and added additional elements to keep the audience engaged.

As soon as we released version 2 of the information and stewardship presentation, guests to the property would remain engaged with the screen for the duration of their time in the area. 

The Outcome
An accessible tool that says so much more than Thank You.

This project resulted in guests learning about the organization’s programs and how to access them, as well as seeing genuine notes of gratitude to supporters. The project also provided opportunities for guests to engage and donate while they consume the content.

Our client, as well as guests, donors, funders, and partners all have expressed appreciation for the project. While we are thrilled to have met the initial goals our client had, we are beyond excited to know that this tool has improved access to critical, life-changing services for some families. That’s something a structural donor wall simply cannot do.

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