Success Story: Efficient Accountability

"The board was more confident in their decisions."

The Goal
Support the board of directors decision making process.
Our client, a major employer and net contributor to their local community, wanted to improve board decision-making and accountability processes. They were finding that, in some cases, circular discussions and requests for additional information were delaying important decisions.
The Approach
Empower the board with the best available information.

We started by reviewing bylaws, processes, and the information that was being provided in support of motions, and by interviewing staff and board members. We also looked back at the decisions that faced the most barriers to quick resolution.

The Journey
Finding the right balance between operational and governance disclosures.

In consultation with the staff team, board, and external experts, we sought to identify an appropriate set of operational metrics and disclosures to support governance decisions. We also worked with the staff team and their software tools to streamline and automate, where possible, reporting to the board.

The Outcome
Efficient, confident decision making.

The project produced three key actionable items for our client, (1) A board and executive guidance document to support streamlined decision-making, (2) A guidance document for staff to support appropriate information disclosure, (3) An automated reporting process using existing software and tools.

Board members and executives felt better informed and more confident in their decisions, and staff were grateful for the automation and standardization applied to reporting. All elements of the decision-making process became more efficient, resulting in more time for generative discussions around motions.

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