"Sales increased by almost 17% year over year."

The Goal
Increase revenue.
Our client, a leading service provider to the commercial and industrial sectors, was looking to make a significant investment into their business.
To do this, though, they needed to increase revenue – something they had not done in the four years prior to calling us.
The Approach
Simplify all elements of the sales process and focus on the customer.

We started with an audit of the sales process, customer cycles, and sales team. This analysis provided clarity on some of the opportunities to make improvements, and also opened the door for engagement with the sales team about their role in the success of this process. As well, we met with clients, vendors, and other stakeholders who had valuable perspective to share, and completed a review of local competition.

The Journey
Leadership sometimes means hard decisions.

The business was using industry-leading sales software and had a solution for clients that was, in our opinion, superior to what was offered by local competitors. However, sales staff were not being held accountable for the entire sales process and were not provided with meaningful incentives in exchange for exceeding customer expectations.

We met with our client and provided suggestions for decreasing the size of their sales team, a suggestion that was initially met with significant resistance.

The Outcome
More revenue at less cost.

This project produced a revenue generation plan that placed the customer at the forefront of all interactions. We helped our client streamline their data capture, acquisition, retention, and service follow-up processes. As well, we identified key metrics that sales team members were accountable to and developed simple tracking and reporting of these data points. Non-monetary incentives were introduced to motivate the sales team.

Even having accepted our suggestion to decrease the size of their sales team by 28%, and with zero additional investment in marketing, our client experienced an almost 17% increase in year-over-year sales revenue.