"Our response rates tripled compared to other campaigns."

The Goal
Increase retention and acquisition rates.
Our client, a national organization with operations in roughly 60 communities, was looking for to improve retention and acquisition rates. 
The organization had a well-built online presence and a large CSR database.
The Approach
Ask bold questions.

We started by reviewing existing feedback survey data and leading a short series of focus groups to identify key themes and motivations among constituents. We then crafted a series of bold questions that spoke directly to why people engaged with this organization, and identified communities with high potential for acquisition success.

The Journey
Inspiring Action.

We created a series of postcards that would be delivered on a very carefully timed schedule. We also worked with creative teams to provide supplementary online content, as well.

Each piece that was delivered, and all supplementary online content, anchored readers in why people have chosen to do business with this organization and why they may choose to continue to do so. The campaign asked bold questions, and included ways for the reader to provide a response.

Leveraging our client’s strong brand presence, we did some A/B testing with addressed and unaddressed mail as part of the campaign.

The Outcome
Bold questions received a big response.

The project exceeded it’s target by tripling the organization’s previous record response rate for acquisition and retention campaigns. More importantly for this client was that they experienced significant and unexpected growth in their number of constituents engaging on a monthly schedule as opposed to annually.