"We got international attention and awards ."

The Goal
Increase brand presence through an engaging CSR activation.
Our client wanted to increase their brand presence and activations in Western Canada through their CSR program. 
The brand was well known in the market as experts in their field, but their customer base was fairly niche and the business had not developed broad appeal with mass market segments.
The Approach
Tell a story that everyone wants ot be a part of.

We started by identifying the key market segments where this business had the most potential to grow and then understood what motivates these customers to act.

From there, we built a program that would appeal directly to the target market and identified the marketing channels with the most reach within our target segments.

The Journey
Telling the story through marketing, presentations, and media.

Our initial program launch exceeded our expectations, and engage supported our client by acting as spokesperson and storyteller during a presentation and media tour promoting the CSR program.

We delivered more than 30 presentations, 15 earned media interviews and segments, and dozens of individual and small group engagements for this project. The business was invited to present at academic and industry events.

As well, the CSR program we developed was nominated for and won numerous awards.

The Outcome
International recognition, and multiple awards.

The CSR program we developed received international attention and several prestigious awards. More importantly, for our client was that the program tracked more than one million activations in Western Canada. All of the online channels belonging to the business reported sustained double-digit increases in positive engagements, and new customer account activations soared.