"Our full team benefited from the sessions."

The Goal
Improve consistency among teams in different geographic locations.
Our client, a national organization with assets exceeding $1.5 Billion, noticed inconsistent performance among some development teams. While job descriptions and measurement were consistent across the country, the ways of achieving job performance were quite varied. The organization wanted to ensure that all workers were setup for success, and that all clients received a baseline standard of care.
The Approach
Praise the good, improve knowledge transfer.

In Phase One of this project, we focused on a single region in Western Canada. The team of just under 20 development staff in five locations were very competent, and for the most part were meeting targets. The strategies deployed across the region were varied and were, as one new hire said in their interview, “like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.”

We organized and lead a retreat with these team members, and used both formal and informal / structured and unstructured activities to help them to share knowledge and build a collaborative culture. From there, we designed systems to provide feedback and stories.

This phase of the project was received very well by team members and the organization, and we were asked to scale the project up for a national audience.

The Journey
Building bridges.

Following our success in Phase One, and armed with feedback from team members and leaders, we adapted our approach to creating symmetry among teams slightly. We focused on individual motivation for success and collaboration, and streamlined storytelling systems.

We crafted easy to navigate tools to support new hires and team members looking to grow as they developed their portfolio of clients.

We also created standard processes that would bring teams together on a regular basis to discuss an agenda of knowledge sharing topics, and supported organizational leaders to incorporate this into the national schedule.

The Outcome
An Effective National Solution.

Following the successful pilot of this project, the organization adopted our recommendations and reported that all development staff (more than 100 FTE) experienced increases in their overall productivity following participation in the program. Client satisfaction rates also increased, especially among national clients who were now experiencing consistency across all branches. New Hires reported a greater feeling of being supported during their onboarding, and experienced staff reported seeing a longer runway for themselves at the organization.