"The minister called to talk about the issue."

The Goal
Change government policy.
Our client, a provincial organization, was seeking to protect their clients from a proposed change in legislation. If imposed, the change would create direct hardship for their clients while creating additional barriers to overcoming hardship.
While the goal of the project was to ensure that the campaign message was understood clearly by members of the government, our client was deeply concerned that visible or violent protests would be counterproductive.
The Approach
Make it easy for people to connect to the issue, and to the people who drive change.

We started by developing a simple narrative to help people understand the issue, and included ways for them to share how the issue impacted them.

The Journey
Connect, Inform, Engage.

We launched a website focused on the core narrative of the campaign and produced social media content that was shared on the client’s social media channels and those of their partners. By creating simple ways for people to understand, connect to, and engage with the campaign, we made it possible for everyone to participate in the campaign. As part of the project, we created toolkits for partners who wanted to engage in the campaign, and provided training for leaders on responding to media and government requests related to the campaign.

The Outcome
It didn't take long for the phone to ring.

The project did a great job connecting people to an important issue. Many people used the tools we provided to share their stories with members of government.

About a week after the website launched, with no press release or earned media, our client received a call from the Minister who would be tabling legislation in the upcoming sessions. 

The changes to legislation that would have caused the most hardship were not presented as part of the tabled legislation, thousands of people engaged with the campaign, and our campaign gave voice to many who felt they were not being heard.