Success Story: Customer Acquisition Strategies and Campaign

"In the first year, we achieved 225% of our goal."

The Goal
Acquire new customers.
Our client, a national organization with a vast network of high net-worth clients and partners, was seeking new customer acquisition strategies to attract revenue and partners for a product they had recently launched. 
The new product appealed mostly to a demographic with which this organization did not have significant market penetration.
The Approach
Connect with people where they are, on their terms.

We got to know the early adopters by analyzing data from the organization and then connecting with other available data sources. We met with some customers and identified common themes and motivations in this group. 

We then built a series of profiles for ideal prospects, with a clear understanding of what was motivating each individual to participate.

The Journey
Building a network of communities and bridges.

Acknowledging that the brand was known but not widely accessed within the target group, we started by seeking partnerships with businesses and organizations that were in high demand within this market segment. We also sought to strategically attract the right customers and motivation to the product in the phase one of our project.

In phase two, we leveraged our partnerships and strategic market presence, along with high-quality data, to launch a targeted and exclusive campaign.

The Outcome
was pretty spectacular.

The project produced a packaged and replicable campaign for this organization and taught their teams how to think and act strategically. All campaign partnerships and data sources were developed with organization staff present, so the relationships required no transition once our contract concluded.

In the first year of this campaign model, the organization achieved 225% of their goals for customer acquisitions. Average transactions were also slightly above expectations.

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